Mbabane and Lobamba In Focus

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Similar to some of its continental members, such as Benin (Porto-Novo and Cotonou), Burundi (Bujumbura and Gitega), and Ivory Coast (Yamoussoukro and Abidjan), Eswatini prides itself on having not just one, but two capital cities.

These cities are barely a 30 minute drive from one another, and while Mbabane is the executive capital from which the government of Eswatini is based, Lobamba is the royal capital and currently seats the royal family of the Kingdom.  

In and around each of these cities there is a tremendous number of things to do, see, and experience. Mbabane is home to a variety of outdoors activities for the eager adventurer. Exotic landscapes and animals lay at your fingertips as you venture out on walking tours or to wildlife sanctuaries close to the city. 

Lobamba, the centre of Eswatini’s culture and traditions and home to King Mswati III, hosts an energetic spirit full of celebration, music, and festivities. Multiple ceremonies occur annually and will leave you marvelling at the experience. Markets bustle with trade where you can browse the ranges of traditional wares Eswatini has to offer, and beyond the cityscape the abundance of wildlife opportunities awaits.

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