Koror City In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read
Koror, Palau by Allen Ferrer, Unsplash
Koror, Palau by Allen Ferrer, Unsplash

Koror City, on the island of Koror, served as the provisional capital of Palau until 2006, when it was moved to Melekeok in eastern Babelthuap. The island was devasted during the Second World War but has emerged as one of the country’s most important economic and tourist centres in the time since. Its natural harbour provides several natural anchorages, the most significant being at Ngemelache, which is now the Koror City’s industrial and shipping suburb.

Around three quarters of Palau’s inhabitants live here, the city being one of the most densely populated in the whole of Micronesia. Despite this, Koror City is by no means a metropolis, instead retaining the feel of a provincial town. Home to many excellent restaurants, unique shops, small museums and a mixture of monuments, it is the ideal launchpad from which to hop onto the more scenic islands. It is a short boat ride from the Rock Islands archipelago, and most activities such as diving, kayaking and snorkelling can all be organised via operators who have bases in Koror City. On a more practical note, most of Palau’s accommodation options are found in here, featuring an array of options from standard motels to resorts which offer sea views. 

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