Mahé In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Mahé is a real hive of activity, that embodies the colourful spirit of both the Seychelles and the striking oblique bands of its national flag.

The archipelago’s largest island, Mahé is home to the capital city, Victoria, and 90 percent of the entire Seychellois population. 

The dense virgin forests of this tourism infrastructure hub cascade down magnificent mountainsides to more than 60 pristine beaches, an inviting blank canvas of white sands where often the only footsteps you will find are your own. 

With an international airport and bustling harbour, Mahé is the Seychelles’ commercial centre. Much of the island’s vibrant consumer buzz, retail outlets and tourism facilities are concentrated towards the north, poetically juxtaposed against eloquent, picturesque villages in the south which propose life at a quainter pace.

Equally, Mahé has a rich heritage embodied by its Creole character and delightful nooks and crannies, with local souvenirs sure to be found at the island’s two cathedrals, diverse botanical gardens, and esplanade.

Despite its timeless historic charm, the likes of Eden Island just off the east coast of Mahé possess modern yet discreet infrastructure to accommodate elegant marinas and malls, casinos, a selection of bars and restaurants, and a thriving nightlife.

Offering a wide choice of accommodation options, from luxurious international five-star resorts and bouquet hotels to well-appointed villas and attractive guesthouses, visitors to Mahé are far from short of idyllic places to stay that offer fantastic value for money.

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