Dubrovnik : Landmark Attractions

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Sponza Palace

As a unique blend of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, the Sponza Palace is an emblem of the historic Dubrovnik, having been the only building in the old town to survive an infamous earthquake that occurred in 1667. Originally built in the mid-16th century, the palace has been heralded as the most extensive collection of state archives, which date back a staggering 1,000 years.  

Cable Car

Currently one of the major modern attractions in this historically decadent city, the Cable Car can offer the most spellbinding views Dubrovnik has to offer. Even better, the car is easily accessible, with tickets available directly at every cable car station. What’s more, refreshments are available to visitors as they float through the air. Who wouldn’t want a sweet treat as they overlook the sensational Adriatic sea? 

Church of Saint Blaise

Translated from Crkva Svetog Vlaha, this Baroque–style church is a staple of Dubrovnik’s architectural wonders, built between 1706 and 1714. This is the ideal spot for those who wish to people-watch with ice cream on the iconic stairs or gaze at the rare collection of the church’s art that can be found inside.

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