Saudi Arabia Landmark Attractions

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read


The world’s largest living museum, this ancient oasis city in northwestern Saudi Arabia promises to transport you to bygone centuries and the golden age of the caravan trade. Home to evocative ruins and archaeological treasures, walk amongst dramatic rock formations, sweeping sand dunes and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra to view the spectacular monumental tombs of the Nabatean kingdom.


Known as ‘the jewel of the Kingdom’, historical Diriyah can be found just 20km northwest of Riyadh. Renowned for its formidable mud brick architecture, the settlement dates back to 1446 AD and is generally acknowledged as the birthplace of the Kingdom. Immerse yourself amongst these archaic ruins with a scenic stroll through the At-Turaif District – the capital city of the first Saudi state. 


For followers of the Muslim faith, a visit to Makkah is the ultimate pilgrimage. The holiest city in Islam, birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the location where the Quran was first revealed to him, Makkah’s appeal is legendary and for centuries has attracted pilgrims embarking on the annual Hajj, or the shorter Umrah pilgrimage. 

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