Soufrière In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Castries may be Saint Lucia’s official capital, but the former colonial capital of Soufrière sits at the heart of some of the island’s most loved attractions.

The town takes its name from the sulphur fumes of the nearby volcano, where hot springs, geothermal fields and waterfalls await, and bathing in the volcanic mud promises a rejuvenating healing treatment. The dormant caldera of Qualibou is renowned as the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano, allowing you the ultimate access to its steaming sulphur streams.

The town itself is a picturesque assemblage of colonial architecture and wooden cottages painted in vibrant colours. The bustling waterfront is also a hive of activity, justifying Soufrière itself as at least a day-trip destination. Ideally positioned in the scenic south, Soufrière is surrounded by centuries-old plantations, such as the still-functioning cacao plantation of the Fond Doux Estate which offers popular walking tours. 

Offering hidden beaches and natural wonders, Soufrière’s most obvious draw is its proximity to the two towering Pitons. These scenic pinnacles overlook the town and are flanked by swathes of sandy beach. The daring may choose to hike and climb these conical volcanic spires, savouring a variety of hiking trails that offer unparalleled island views. Below, explore the submarine jungle of coral reefs at the Pitons’ base for some unforgettable snorkelling or diving. Sit back and admire the view on the white sands of Sugar Beach or seek out true seclusion on the quiet shores of Anse Mamin.

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