Lauren Kania

Junior Travel Editor
9 Travel Features

Jordan Banks : Behind the Lens

With vast experience capturing the essence and unparalleled characteristics of countries and landscapes across the world, Jordan Banks showcases his most recent venture into the icy depths of the Antarctic and discusses what has led him to this point in his career.

By Lauren Kania 7 Min Read

Queensland Indigenous Womens Ranger Network

Larissa Hale, one of the first Indigenous women rangers in Queensland, Australia, speaks about the inspiration behind the Queensland Indigenous Women Ranger Network and the trailblazing work she and the organisation are doing to further both the environment and women.

By Lauren Kania 11 Min Read

Under SXM : Creating Sustainable Underwater Experiences

As the first Caribbean artificial reef snorkelling attraction in Sint Maarten, we dive headfirst into Under SMX with Managing Director, Nick Cambden, to learn more about the immersive eco-experience that empowers communities to harness the value of the ocean.

By Lauren Kania 9 Min Read

Urbino : The Last Stop

Delicately nestled between the sloping foothills of the Northern Apennines and the languid breeze that carries the salty, citrus scent of the Adriatic Sea, lies the ancient city of Urbino, Italy.

By Lauren Kania 3 Min Read

French Polynesia Travel Guide

Follow in the footsteps of centuries worth of adventurers, artists, and those looking for serenity, and discover what French Polynesia has to offer.

By Deane Anderton Lauren Kania 14 Min Read

Moorea Island in Focus

Rising out of the sea like that of an ancient edifice with green spires so high they pierce the clouds, Moorea, an island next to Tahiti, will renew your belief in the magic of nature.

By Lauren Kania 2 Min Read

Copenhagen Travel Guide

Copenhagen sets itself apart as an extraordinarily unique city, mixing royal history, modern architecture, and centuries’ worth of culture.

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania 25 Min Read

Madagascar Travel Guide

Home to an unprecedented number of endemic species and unparalleled natural beauty, Madagascar boasts an opportunity like no other for those looking for an extraordinary adventure.

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania 16 Min Read

Grenada Travel Guide

Rugged and lush, Grenada has a well-earned and evident reputation for being one giant garden. With tangling mangroves that hide everything from adolescent shark pups to sunning iguanas, the islands of Grenada are a pure, authentic haven for explorers and leisure-seekers alike. 

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania 21 Min Read