Lauren Kania

Junior Travel Editor
4 Travel Features

Copenhagen Travel Guide

Copenhagen sets itself apart as an extraordinarily unique city, mixing royal history, modern architecture, and centuries’ worth of culture.

By Dave West Lauren Kania 25 Min Read

Madagascar Travel Guide

Home to an unprecedented number of endemic species and unparalleled natural beauty, Madagascar boasts an opportunity like no other for those looking for an extraordinary adventure.

By Dave West Lauren Kania 16 Min Read

Grenada Travel Guide

Rugged and lush, Grenada has a well-earned and evident reputation for being one giant garden. With tangling mangroves that hide everything from adolescent shark pups to sunning iguanas, the islands of Grenada are a pure, authentic haven for explorers and leisure-seekers alike. 

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania 21 Min Read

Helsinki Travel Guide

Take a culture tour to the Nordic festive capital of Helsinki this winter: a city where snow and saunas meet the sea.