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Alfie Wilson is an in-house Travel Guide Project Manager for Outlook Travel Magazine. Alfie is responsible for showcasing travel destinations in the magazine, travel guides, and digital platforms, and sourcing collaborations with travel destinations for future editions. Alfie is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to Alfie to discover how you and your business could be our next cover story.
Travel Guide Manager
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Tanzania Travel Guide

Showcasing outstanding indigenous wildlife, endless adventurous pursuits, vast, natural plains, unparalleled hospitality, and fascinating culture and cuisine, Tanzania emerges as a travel destination of choice.

By Alfie Wilson Lily Sawyer 19 Min Read

Tanzania : Outlook Recommends

From the plains of the Serengeti National Park to local seafood dishes, Outlook Recommends the best things to do in Tanzania.

By Alfie Wilson 4 Min Read

Philippines Travel Guide

A haven for white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, never-ending rice terraces, and ancient Spanish colonial structures, the Philippines boasts not only a dream-like landscape, but a multifaceted and complex culture waiting to be discovered.

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania 40 Min Read

Philippines : Outlook Recommends

From world class resorts and casinos to luxury hotels, Outlook Recommends the best places to go in the Philippines.

By Alfie Wilson 5 Min Read

Western Cape Travel Guide

Welcome to the Western Cape, where majestic mountains meet wild, open seas. This is a place of rolling green valleys and vast, untouched plains; a place where you can connect with a diverse group of people; a place where you can find yourself again.

By Alfie Wilson Lily Sawyer 28 Min Read

Western Cape : Outlook Recommends

From exhilarating horse racing experiences to hotels with showstopping mountain views, Outlook Recommends the best places to visit in the Western Cape.

By Alfie Wilson 5 Min Read

Brisbane Travel Guide

With its undeniable charm and relaxed outdoor lifestyle, Brisbane invites travellers to escape the ordinary and experience its spirited inner-city precincts, unique neighbourhoods, and stunning natural surrounds.

By Alfie Wilson Rachel Carr 24 Min Read

Brisbane : Outlook Recommends

From breathtaking views in rooftop bars to visiting the Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium, Outlook Recommends the best things to do in Brisbane.

By Alfie Wilson 4 Min Read

Seychelles Travel Guide

Staggeringly seductive beaches, majestic marine life, and exquisitely distinct island culture lay in wait for explorers setting their sights on Seychelles, a truly unique utopia.

By Alfie Wilson Ed Budds 16 Min Read

Seychelles : Outlook Recommends

From luxury chalets to authentic island living, Outlook Publishing recommends the most essential things to do in the Seychelles.

By Alfie Wilson 3 Min Read

Kenya Travel Guide

A must-see destination for cultural enrichment and spellbinding experiences, Kenya not only lives up to its reputation as a safari holiday hotspot, but exceeds expectations and has something for everyone.

By Alfie Wilson Lucy Pilgrim 21 Min Read

Kenya : Outlook Recommends

From authentic cooking techniques to idyllic luxury treehouses, Outlook Publishing recommends the very best in Kenya.

By Alfie Wilson 1 Min Read