Product Review: RINGANA FRESH sunscreen

Introducing the new coral-reef friendly, vegan sunscreen from natural skincare specialists, RINGANA 
Writer: Phoebe Harper

Although an essential form of skin protection, applying suncream can be an irksome task. As a pale Brit, since the earliest childhood holidays, I have become all too familiar with being forced to coat every inch of exposed skin in thick lotions that take forever to dry and leave you sticky and shining. 
Yet this all changed in Summer 2022, with the launch of RINGANA’s FRESH sunscreen SPF 20. This lightweight solution is easy to apply and leaves a comfortable, transparent matt finish on the skin that absorbs within minutes. Best of all, the sunscreen is based on 45 percent organic ingredients, and although it is perfume-free, leaves a pleasant, natural scent, unlike other chemical-heavy brands. 
The product provides reliable broad-spectrum protection against UV light, blue light and infra-red light, and prevents skin ageing resulting from direct exposure to the sun. Since it is founded on fresh ingredients, it is recommended that the sunscreen is used within 10 weeks, which is why it makes for a perfect addition as a base for your daily skincare routine. 
For beach lovers, what stands out about RINGANA’s sunscreen is that it is certified as coral-reef friendly, as confirmed by the ‘Positive Reef Initiative’. This is because the sunscreen is based on light protection properties from a zinc oxide filter, which is renowned as a coral-reef friendly ingredient that also provides stronger protection against UV-A rays. To top it all off, this unique formulation is also 100 percent vegan.
FRESH sunscreen, and a host of other quality natural skincare products and supplements, are the brainchild of Austrian brand RINGANA. Since 1996, the company has produced vegan, non-artificial skincare products and food supplements, founded on freshness, efficacy and sustainability. 
With no artificial preservatives or additives, these are products that take the health of your skin seriously. On top of the sunscreen, I highly recommend a RINGANA travel set, for a compact selection of travel essentials. 
Designed to comply with cabin baggage restrictions, each set comes in a handy, transparent RINGANA travel bag made of recycled PET. The travel set includes FRESH products such as shampoo, body wash, deodorant, tooth oil, rejuvenating hydro serum and cleansing toners designed to create a holistic and satisfying grooming routine. 
For essential skin protection and body care, your suitcase simply isn’t complete without it.