Phuket Town In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read
Vaskar Sam, Unsplash

Phuket Town is the island’s cultural epicentre. The streets of Old Phuket Town are lined with colourfully painted Sino-Portuguese buildings. Many of these mansions have been transformed into quirky boutiques, hipster cafés and art galleries. Soi Rommanee is a particularly picturesque street – the pastel façades of former shophouses are illuminated by Chinese lanterns in the evenings.

The town also has some fascinating cultural landmarks. This includes the Phuket Thaihua Museum, where you can find out more about the island’s culture, from its history of Chinese migration to its cuisine and literature. You’ll find Chinese shrines tucked away between spacious mansions – the Shrine of the Serene Light has been recently restored. 

Phuket Town is also known for its bustling night markets, where you can pick up clothes, curios and street food snacks. The Sunday night market on Phuket’s Walking Street is particularly popular. 

Foodie travellers will love visiting Phuket, which has a dining scene that’s coming to rival Bangkok’s. Even some of the town’s humbler restaurants have been awarded a Michelin Plate, including Go Benz, which has been serving its signature pork with rice noodles and a side of peppery broth for 20 years.

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