Getting To and Around Calgary

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read
Snow Shoeing, Shagnappi © Colin Way

Travelling around Calgary could not be any easier for visitors. For starters, the city’s airport, YYC Calgary International Airport, has flight access directly to 92 locations across the world, ensuring a smooth and relaxing journey to the city.

Once you’ve stepped foot on solid ground, visitors are welcomed by White Hat volunteers who are very easy to spot, dressed in an iconic white cowboy hat and red vest, ready to help any guest.

For visitors who wish to witness the city on bike or by foot, Calgary has one of the largest interconnected cycle path networks in the world and possesses many picturesque, walkable neighbourhoods, including Marda Loop, Kensington, Inglewood, and Bridgeland.

Furthermore, Calgary offers a unique system of bridges to access the downtown area of the city, known as the Plus 15 network. The comprehensive system comprises 86 bridges and over 16 kilometres of elevated (weather-protected and climate-controlled) skywalk paths that enable full access to downtown Calgary.

For a break from the bustling city and the perfect end to your trip, visitors can retreat to the Rocky Mountains, which are easily accessible via a one-hour drive with various bus and taxi options available.

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