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Western Cape Travel Guide

Welcome to the Western Cape, where majestic mountains meet wild, open seas. This is a place of rolling green valleys and vast, untouched plains; a place where you can connect with a diverse group of people; a place where you can find yourself again.

By Alfie Wilson Lily Sawyer 28 Min Read

Table Mountain in Focus

One of the Western Cape’s most iconic sights, Table Mountain looms large over the Mother City. One of the New7Wonders of Nature, the eye-catching mountain has a level plateau flanked by impressive cliffs and is thought to be around 300 million years old.

By Lily Sawyer 3 Min Read

Lepogo Lodges : A Sustainable Safari Experience

An exclusive world of untouched landscapes and unrivalled luxury summons you to Lepogo Lodges, where comfort meets conservation. Kate Hugues, Operations Director, explains how luxury and sustainability can co-exist when implemented with finesse and understanding.

By Lily Sawyer 10 Min Read

Europe’s Charming Christmas Markets

An unmistakable undertone of festive cheer is palpable across Europe, as cities and towns are adorned with fir and fairy lights in preparation for Christmas. From renowned family favourites to hidden fairytale wonderlands, the continent’s festive markets boast an array of yuletide treats to suit all tastes.

By Lily Sawyer 7 Min Read

Batanta : The Last Stop

Part of the Raja Ampat, an archipelago of over 1,500 tiny islands situated off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia, Batanta is nothing short of an isolated paradise.

By Lily Sawyer 4 Min Read

New South Wales : The Most Unmissable Sites

Containing the metropolis of Sydney and the golden sands of Byron Bay, New South Wales is one of Australia’s most captivating territories.

By Lucy Pilgrim Lily Sawyer 6 Min Read