Warrior Academy in Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read
Maasai Mara man in traditional colorful clothing showing traditional Maasai jumping dance at Maasai Mara tribe village famous Safari travel destination near Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya

One for children and parents alike, the Warriors Academy is the ultimate form of cultural immersion. With a bespoke and highly-unique wildlife safari, guests can gain a deep and intimate appreciation for two of Africa’s unique tribes – Maasai and Samburu.

Visitors are instantly welcomed to this enriching and fascinating experience, encouraging a brand-new and eye-opening perspective to the African wilderness. Under the tutelage of their ‘Moran’, or warriors, guests solidly ground their feet in the lives of the people who have called the bush their home for centuries.

Families can spend quality time by learning and gaining first-hand experience in ritualistic bush skills, folklore, and ancient wisdoms that connect people to the sacred land and are vital to survival in the East African wilderness. Additionally, guests of the Warrior Academy have the unmissable opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of wildlife tracking. Such an intimate understanding can facilitate life-long treasured experiences like tracking elephants and leopards, and seeing amazing creatures in their natural habitats.

If this already wasn’t enough, visitors are enlightened by a trip to a traditional Masai village, learning the skills needed to use a bow and arrow, pangas, and spears, as well as build a bush camp and tend goats, all against the backdrop of soothing tribal stories and songs.

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