Kenya : Landmark Attractions

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Kenya, Gede ruins

Gede Ruins

Heralded as Kenya’s national monument in 1927, the eerie yet spectacular Gede Ruins are the remains of a Swahili town and were discovered in 1948 by famous archaeologist, Louis Leakey. Adorned with sweeping arches, crumbling walls, ruined palaces, and bygone houses, the famous archaeological site dates back to the 12th century and represents the shadows of what was once a bustling city.

Bomas of Kenya

Located just outside Nairobi, the Bomas of Kenya is a fascinating and culturally enriching site of traditional homesteads, spanning 23 different ethnic groups. First erected in the 1970s, it aims to promote Kenyan culture to the many that visit every year, offering a guided tour of the homesteads and expanding horizons, with traditional dances and songs performed in a stunning circular theatre.

Mau Mau Caves

Uncovered in the jutting rocks and foothills of the mighty Mount Kenya, the Mau Mau Caves are steeped in significant history, thought to have been the hiding place for freedom fighters during the colonial era and the subsequent rebellion. Although accessible by a steep three-hour walk, we promise that the hike is worth it, offering a profound site that is teeming with swooping birds and colobus monkeys.

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