Getting To and Around Kenya

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read
The Narobi train station

Travelling around the wonders of Kenya couldn’t be easier thanks to the plethora of transport options available. The most prominent form of travel by far is the bus network, which goes through nearly every town in Kenya, particularly in the west, with frequent travel between Nairobi and the coast. However, it would be advisable to take the journey during the day to avoid any criminal activity, particularly in sparsely populated areas.  

If you are travelling further afield, taking the train would be your best option. For example, the Madaraka Express travels across 13 destinations between Mombasa and Suswa, offering a stress-free experience.  

Alternatively, matatus are brightly-coloured, privately owned minibuses that are shared forms of transport for the local people. They are mostly used in Nairobi as an affordable form of travel.  

Another option is shared taxis, which have a total capacity of up to nine passengers. Similar to the matatus, they depart once they are full and don’t stop between destinations, making them the perfect way to zip around the cities of Northern and Western Kenya.  

Finally, boda bodas are ideal for zooming through Kenya’s winding streets in an authentic, cost-effective way. It would best to use these compact bikes if you are an experienced motorcyclist, as helmets are not always offered, and the bikes have limited health and safety regulations.

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