Perry Glass Studio In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

One of the most spectacular and widely regarded sectors of Norfolk is its thriving arts scene, presented in avenues both new and old. More than just an art studio, Perry Glass Studio is at the cutting edge of inventive art pieces, as thousands of visitors flock to blow their own glass at the only facility of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a subsector of the highly reputable Chrysler Art Museum, the Perry Glass Studio highlights the wonders of glass art, as it provides visitors with the opportunity to see how such marvels are created.  

Visitors can witness the futuristic side to this beautiful tradition through the studio’s performance nights, creating vibrant spectacles of colour. Additionally, for those who are more creative, the studio provides the exciting opportunity to bend and build your own glass creation, through glass blowing workshops which cater to everybody, from first-time glass blowers to masters of the art. In this other-worldly creative session, visitors can learn a variety of processes including glassblowing, fusing, flameworking, coldworking and neon. One particularly fascinating event is the ‘Glass After Dark’ workshop, where lively music and art come together once a month, for a night of visionary creation. The evening showcases emerging artists in the local music scene, working alongside world-acclaimed artists in glass blowing, to create an unbeatable atmosphere which encapsulates artistic excellence.  

Thus, be sure to experience this wondrous art form as it bends and twists the limits of what art can do, to create something truly spellbinding.

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