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8 Travel Features

Helsinki Travel Guide

Take a culture tour to the Nordic festive capital of Helsinki this winter: a city where snow and saunas meet the sea.

Montserrat Travel Guide

Summon your fiery spirit of adventure with a trip to the volcanic island of Montserrat, a place of history, culture and awe!

By Alfie Wilson Marcus Kääpä 21 Min Read

Zambia Travel Guide

Waterfalls and wildebeests; the spirit of African adventure flows through Zambia, a must-see place to visit.

By Marcus Kääpä Travel Team 16 Min Read

Gondwana Collection Namibia

We take a look at Gondwana Collection Namibia, and speak to Managing Director, Gys Joubert, about the organisation at the centre of the country’s tourism sector.

By Marcus Kääpä Travel Team 11 Min Read

The Quirkiest Accommodations in Europe

The Outlook Travel team take a look at the most unique places to stay during your holidays to Europe this summer.

By Marcus Kääpä 11 Min Read

Barbados Travel Guide 2021

The Barbados Tourism Authority showcases the best of the island’s opportunities and leisurely experiences available to those wishing to visit.

By Marcus Kääpä Travel Team 16 Min Read

Lesotho Travel Guide

A unique Kingdom set within a large nation; Lesotho is a high-altitude land of exploration for eager adventurers.

Eswatini Travel Guide

A land of diversity, experiences, and beauty, Eswatini is home to exploration and wonder.