Rachel Carr

Junior Travel Editor
8 Travel Features

The Cook Islands Travel Guide

A Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean invites you to explore an unspoiled oasis of 15 atolls crowned with coconut palms; the Cook Islands is bound to both charm and enthral you.

By Alfie Wilson Rachel Carr 20 Min Read

Dominican Republic Travel Guide

The Dominican Republic is a captivating Caribbean destination with a diverse topography and a brimming cultural calendar that leaves visitors with unforgettable memories of this natural utopia.

By Krisha Canlas Rachel Carr 23 Min Read

Greg Johnston : Behind the Lens

From palm trees to the ocean breeze, we illustrate the illustrious career of award-winning professional travel photographer Greg Johnston.

By Rachel Carr 8 Min Read

A Tiny House Resort : Travel Business

For those seeking big adventure, A Tiny House Resort in the Catskills offers a cosy waterfront refuge in sensational surroundings.

By Rachel Carr 9 Min Read

Budapest Travel Guide

Bisected by the Danube River, Budapest has an undeniable vibrancy with its ruin bars and thermal spas, history, culture and cuisine.

By Dave West Rachel Carr 26 Min Read

North America’s Radical Rock Formations

We recommend some of America’s otherworldly rock landscapes of buttes and canyons perfect for camping, hiking, or just observing.

By Rachel Carr 7 Min Read

Amsterdam Travel Guide

With a cityscape of gabled façades, legacies from its 17th century Golden Age, explore the elaborate canals and artistic heritage of Amsterdam, a dam fine city.

By Dave West Rachel Carr 17 Min Read

Dubai : Spotlight

Offering a luxury lifestyle, the UAE city of Dubai has beautiful beaches, fine dining, state of the art architecture and vibrant nightlife.

By Rachel Carr 7 Min Read