Azerbaijan : Landmark Attractions

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View Of Xinaliq (khinalug) Village, Azerbaijan

Caucasus Mountains

Northern Azerbaijan is decorated by the Caucasus Mountains, which offer unique hiking opportunities. Nature’s immeasurable generosity and beauty provide an attractive future for nature-based tourism, which is actively developing. Notably, the Khinalig-Galakhudat and Galakhudat-Griz trails near Guba stand out for their unrivalled beauty. As over 50 percent of Azerbaijan is mountainous, many of its villages and most monumental landscapes are accessed by hiking.

Mud Volcanoes

Azerbaijan has the greatest concentration of mud volcanoes of any country, with 700 of the 1,700 that are situated around the world and only 350 are active. Underground and submarine volcanoes are also famed in Azerbaijan, as there are more than 140 of them in the Caspian Sea. The landscape around Baku is messy and bubbling, and Dashgil, around a 90 minute drive from Baku, is a popular site to visit to see the natural, unearthly phenomenon in action.

Palace of the Shirvanshahs

Described by UNESCO as “one of the pearls of Azerbaijan architecture”, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs is located in the inner city of Baku. Together with the Maiden Tower, the monument is built over earlier structures. Within the palace complex is the Divankhana, a reception hall that some researchers believe contains the Tomb of Shah, the remains of Key-Kubad Mosque, Murad’s Gate, and the Palace bathhouse, to name a few.

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