Getting To and Around Azerbaijan

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read

Before you book tickets, a visa is required to enter Azerbaijan. Visit the Republic of Azerbaijan’s website for an electronic visa available through the ASAN Visa system.  

Served by many international airports, Azerbaijan Airlines operates regular flights from Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Barcelona, London, Istanbul and Beijing. The airline also flies several times a Nakhchivan. The Airport Express Bus runs every 30 minutes to Baku’s central transport hub.  

Once there, buses and trains are a convenient way to travel around the country. The buses are a modern, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive way of getting about, taxis are widely available, and Baku’s metro connects the city centre, suburbs, and rural areas. International and local car hire companies are also based in downtown Baku.  

Yacht Club and moored yacht. Baku Boulevard. Baku, Azerbaijan.
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