Seychelles National Botanical Gardens in Focus

Ed Budds
By Ed Budds  - Travel Editor 1 Min Read
Kid feeding two aldabra giant tortoises

Planted more than a century ago, the vibrant flora housed within the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens provides a stunning pop of colour to any vacation predominantly spent on white sandy beaches.

Stretching out along five vast acres of Mont Fleuri — located on the southern outskirts of Victoria — the botanical gardens offer visitors an up-close look at a plethora of Seychellois wildlife.

In addition to the towering palm, spice, and fruit trees found nestled in the gardens, not to mention the aromatic blooms found in the orchid house, intrepid visitors are bound to come across animals like giant tortoises and members of the garden’s fruit bat colonies.

While enjoying the uniqueness of this hidden natural treasure trove it is highly recommended that you apply generous coatings of bug spray.

The Botanical Gardens can be reached on foot or by car from downtown Victoria; the walk will take roughly 30 minutes. You can visit the site every day from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon, with admission costing 100 Seychellois rupees, which equates to around USD$8.

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