Nicaragua : Landmark Attractions

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read

San Juan del Sur

A surf lover’s paradise, this rustic fishing village boasts an undeniable laidback charm and the best beaches in Nicaragua. Found on the Pacific Coast, spanning a horseshoe-shaped bay bordered by rainforest choked mountains, turtles can be seen hatching on these golden beaches between September and April. The bustling port town also showcases an array of hotels and restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene.  

Ometepe Island

The largest freshwater island in the world, Ometepe can be found on the inland sea of Lake Nicaragua. An unspoilt Eden of natural wonders and pristine landscapes – thanks to its isolated location reached only by regular ferries and its protected status as a Biosphere Reserve – the island’s silhouette is defined by the two soaring volcanoes of Maderas and Concepción. 

Cerro Negro

As Nicaragua’s youngest volcano, a climb up Cerro Negro should feature on the itinerary of any thrillseeker. Located in the department of León, adrenaline junkies flock here to sandboard down its dramatic slopes on narrow wooden planks, reaching speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. Other thrills include mountain biking, hiking, or simply admiring the jaw dropping panoramic views.

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