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Deane Anderton
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For the football fanatics…

A source of fierce local pride, Como 1907 is an Italian football club owned by Sent Entertainment Ltd. The club’s origins date back to over a century ago, where, on a small patch of grass next to the shores of Lake Como, a game of football was once played between young members of Como’s local rowing club, and an opposing team made of caretakers and Native Americans from the famous Buffalo Bill circus camped nearby.  

The game ignited a local passion for football, resulting in the inauguration of the Como Football Club the following year in 1907. Today, with a rich and proud legacy behind the club’s name, Como 1907 plays in one of the world’s most scenic waterside stadiums.  

The Giuseppe Sinigaglia Stadium is an historic landmark, originally built in 1927 at the request of Benito Mussolini. It has since undergone significant renovations and stands out for its iconic ‘Curva Como’ structure. With a tumultuous history that has seen the club undergo relegation, bankruptcy, and a hopeful comeback complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Como 1907 is now rising phoenix-like from the ashes under new ownership and playing in Serie B with the star-signing of Spanish football legend, Cesc Fàbregas.

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By Deane Anderton Travel Guide Manager
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