The continent of Europe is bursting with timeless beauty, rich culture, and history. Wander through the romantic streets of Paris and the ancient wonders of Rome, or cruise along the waterways in Amsterdam.

From the fairytale to the fine dining, explore the essential destinations in Europe with Outlook Travel Magazine.

Lech Zürs Travel Guide

By Joseph Perfitt Jack Salter 19 Min Read

With perfectly groomed slopes and white mountains against a backdrop of bright sunshine and blue skies, the tranquil region of Lech Zürs awaits winter sports

Lech Zürs : Tourism Insights

By Travel Team 13 Min Read

We speak to Hermann Fercher, Tourism Director and CEO of the Lech Zürs Tourist Board, about the region’s unique character.

Lech Zürs : Summer in Focus

By Jack Salter 2 Min Read

Though Lech Zürs is one of the world’s leading winter sports destinations, summer in the region is equally as exciting for families, couples, or solo

Azerbaijan Travel Guide

By Deane Anderton Rachel Carr 30 Min Read

Due to its geographic location, Azerbaijan is a country of versatility. Whether it’s the landscape or its culture, European influences collide with diverse tastes.

Azerbaijan : Tourism Insights

By Travel Team 20 Min Read

We speak to Florian Sengstschimd, CEO of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, about showcasing the destination to a global audience, inviting you to discover its hidden

Azerbaijan In Focus

By Rachel Carr 3 Min Read

A city enchanted with the ambience of ancient times and the magic of the modern atmosphere, there is more than one way to spend your

Kitzbühel Travel Guide

By Joseph Perfitt Ed Budds 17 Min Read

Like no other destination, Kitzbühel, the most legendary sports town in the Alps, stands for authentic lifestyle and tradition.

Kitzbühel : Tourism Insights

By Travel Team 9 Min Read

The tasks of Kitzbühel Tourism include strategic planning for the area, tourism marketing, the infrastructural attractiveness of the region, and securing the support of its


A Paris Weekend Away

We summarise the must-see sights and essential experiences for the ultimate Parisian weekend away, starting with watching Lionel Messi play.

By Ed Budds 5 Min Read

Lake Como Travel Guide

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, luxuriate in a waterside sojourn amongst the spectacular backdrop of Lake Como.

By Deane Anderton Phoebe Harper 14 Min Read

Prague Travel Guide

Prague is a cultural wonderland where history rubs shoulders with creativity, hearty gastronomy and the best beer on the continent.

By Alfie Wilson 22 Min Read

Budapest Travel Guide

Bisected by the Danube River, Budapest has an undeniable vibrancy with its ruin bars and thermal spas, history, culture and cuisine.

By Joseph Perfitt Rachel Carr 26 Min Read

Amsterdam Travel Guide

With a cityscape of gabled façades, legacies from its 17th century Golden Age, explore the elaborate canals and artistic heritage of Amsterdam, a dam fine city.

By Deane Anderton Rachel Carr 17 Min Read

Rewilding Europe : Sustainability Stories

Ahead of World Rewilding Day 2023, we speak with Frans Schepers, co-Founder and Executive Director of Rewilding Europe to showcase the organisation breathing new life into landscapes.

By Phoebe Harper 10 Min Read

St. Anton Travel Guide

Known as the cradle of alpine skiing, St. Anton is the mountainous Austrian village transforming into a premium global ski resort.

By Joseph Perfitt Ed Budds 15 Min Read

Serbia Travel Guide

Bouncing back strong from COVID-19, Serbia is a cultural crossroads home to majestic natural scenery, historic landmarks and unique hospitality.

By Deane Anderton Phoebe Harper 16 Min Read

Helsinki Travel Guide

Take a culture tour to the Nordic festive capital of Helsinki this winter: a city where snow and saunas meet the sea.

Halkidiki Travel Guide

Unwind and rekindle your connection to nature with Halkidiki, an escape to northern Greece.

By Alfie Wilson Phoebe Harper 17 Min Read

Christmas on the Costa Del Sol

The Costa Del Sol is an indulgent festive getaway bound to the traditions and gastronomy of southern Spain.

By Phoebe Harper 9 Min Read

The Merry Harriers, Surrey, UK : Hotel Review

From log fires to llamas, The Merry Harriers pub promises warm hospitality and cosy comforts for a short stay in the Surrey Hills.

By Phoebe Harper 5 Min Read