Montréal : Award Winning Restaurants

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

With an amazing range of restaurants, there are fabulous flavours and unique culinary experiences in every neighbourhood of Montréal. 

It’s therefore no wonder that so many of the city’s eating establishments are routinely ranked amongst the very best in Canada, including: 

Vin Mon Lapin

1st on Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants list 

Occupying the elusive sweet spot between being a special-occasion restaurant and a place to grab a quick bite, dishes at Vin Mon Lapin are always delightfully surprising. 

Joe Beef

3rd on Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants list  

A place where locals congregate, and around which tourists plan their trip to Montréal. The popular lobster pasta is a must for first timers, although anything on the menu will make your taste buds sing. 

Restaurant Toqué!

6th on Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants list  

A staple on the Montréal culinary scene since 1993, chef Normand Laprise’s restaurant is built on his passion and commitment to shedding a spotlight on Québec’s local and seasonal ingredients. With delightful dishes and exceptional service, a meal here is an experience to remember. 

Montréal Plaza Restaurant

7th on Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants list 

A meal at Montréal Plaza Restaurant will always surprise and delight. The dining room has a modern, crisp ambience adorned with quirky accent pieces that will make you do a double take. Sink into one of the leather banquettes in this sophisticated space and order specials that include whelk gratiné and other culinary wonders. 

Le Mousso

16th on Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants list 

Known for its tasting menu and wine pairings, Le Mousso has been a hit on the Montréal dining scene since day one. Plated like works of art, its dishes are colourful, original and flawless, fit for unforgettable celebrations. 

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