Montréal Complètement Cirque In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Montréal is the circus hub of North America. The city is home to the National Circus School, which enrols more than 150 students from across Canada and around the world each year.


A pioneer of the new circus in Canada and North America, the National Circus School has contributed to the emergence of many circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and The 7 Fingers, all of which are based in Montréal. 

Created in 2010, MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE is the first North American international festival dedicated to circus acts. Every July, over the course of 10 days, the festival offers a stunning circus programme in various locations around Montréal, as dazzling acts take over the city and light up the urban landscape.  

Watch the streets, sidewalks and parks of Montréal come to life as circus performers wow audiences with awe-inspiring, colourful and high-flying displays. Look out for Le GÉANT on the Esplanade Place Ville Marie – it’s hard to miss, as this immense steel giant stands before the horizon at 50 feet tall, waiting for life to take hold of it. Le GÉANT will host Cirque Éloize at this year’s festival, from 7th to 30th July. 

MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE presents diversity in all its forms and expressions, and brings together the most talented artists from the circus world. The festival contributes to Montréal’s status as an international capital of circus arts, and the rise of Quebec’s circus scene by offering programming that allows the province to truly shine. 

Not to be missed, this is a must-see event for circus fans who love to see death-defying stunts, bright costumes and more.

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