Getting To and Around Madagascar

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Being an island, Madagascar is most commonly accessed via plane, with the main airport being Ivato International Airport in the capital city of Antananarivo, located 16 kilometres northwest of the city centre. Unless you are travelling from South Africa or Paris, finding a direct flight is uncommon, and you are likely going to find yourself with a layover in a neighbouring country. On the island, Madagascar Airlines has a notably good safety record and a network of flights that travel to most of the major towns and islands. 

It is also possible to venture into the scenic landscape with cruise operators such as Costa Cruises or MSC Cruises, who will take you from island to island to enjoy all the different adventures that Madagascar has to offer. 

Once in the country, it is a general rule that people fly around the north and drive in the south, as in Northern Madagascar the distances are expansive and the roads are poor. When driving, it is highly recommended to hire a car or driver, as not only will this allow you much more freedom and flexibility in travelling, but many of the drivers double up as local guides, providing you with the ability to integrate yourself within the community and culture on a more personal level. 

For a more affordable option, there are shared taxis referred to as “brousse” or “bush taxis”, which are privately or cooperatively owned minibuses that run on regular services with timetables that are (vaguely) adhered to. Depending on the taxi, you can reserve seats and look forward to regular comfort stops and meal breaks throughout the journey.

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