The Dubrovnik Summer Festival In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

As one of Europe’s most distinguished events, millions flock every year to behold the spectacle that is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. For over 70 years, the festival has stunned visitors from across the world with its myriad of colours and enriching experiences, including classical music, theatre, opera, dance performances, and more. The festival has become a pillar of the country’s cultural scene, as a range of Renaissance and Baroque-inspired shows are held across 70 different locations in the picturesque Old Town every year.  

To commence the 45 days of celebration, the festival has a spectacular opening ceremony that takes place in the heart of the city at Luza Square. During the ceremony, the city erupts with festivity, bringing together people from all walks of life to witness the raising of the Libertas Flag with the backdrop of a spectacular fireworks show that lights up the sky. 

This fantastic event was first held in 1950 to harmonise both the Baroque and Renaissance influences of the city. As such, a mutual appreciation of both elaborate periods is showcased to cultural lovers who can look forward to beautiful depictions of the intellectual and creative life of the city, as the festival exquisitely highlights the heritage and universally theatrical values of Dubrovnik through a prism of dance and performance.  

Last year marked the 74th event of the festival, filled with budding Croatian opera singers alongside the grand and tremendous sounds of Croatia’s orchestra. With the 75th  festival happening in July next year, this hub of cultural diversity will once again bedazzle onlookers and can’t be missed.

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