Bartók Béla Boulevard in Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Located on the greener Buda side of the river, in the XI District, lies Bartók Béla Boulevard – a cultural hub among the top 10 of Time Out magazine’s coolest neighbourhoods. Accessible by tram or metro, the tree-lined Bartók Bela Boulevard is brimming with galleries, exhibitions, local cuisine, and twice a year it hosts the ELEVEN art festival.  

If you are exhausted by the extensive list of activities, a trip to the Art Nouveau Gellért Baths might be in order. Set in an elegant palace, the baths are both beautiful and historical, and the relaxing experience of a soak in geothermal pools has a natural healing power. The spring water, discovered in the 15th century, is not the only relaxation method on offer, as massage treatments, saunas, and a sunbathing terrace overlooking Gellért Hill are all there to enjoy.  

Trendy cafés and bars such as Szatyor Bar, an updated ruin bar, attract a slightly different crowd to the usual spots in the party district. Duck confit and sous-vide venison leg along with craft beers are among Szatyor’s culinary repertoire. Attached to Szatyor Bar is Hadik, a legendary café that was once a haunt of pre-World War II Hungarian bohemian writers and poets. Today, it has a more contemporary décor, but its mission is the same – a meeting spot for Budapest’s artists.  

For an outdoor jaunt, you will find Feneketlen-tó (bottomless lake), surrounded by greenery and with an abundance of fish and birdlife as the urban park has given over to nature. With a tennis club, a concert stage, outdoor gym, playground, and jogging course, there is plenty of space for recreation.

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