Amsterdam In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

This neighbourhood is a true multi-faceted treat which is accessible on the free ferry from behind Central Station. It boasts green spaces dotted with cycle paths – an idyllic way to experience the Dutch countryside. The route will lead you to quaint villages known for their authentic stolpboerderijen, which are traditional farmhouses with cheese-cover shaped roofs. 

The spectacular scenery is accompanied by Het Twiske – a stunning nature area perfect for swimming, boating and bird-spotting. Continuing the theme of nature, Noorderpark is ideal for cultural and family activities. It has a brightly coloured community centre that hosts workshops, and the pavilions regularly stage live music. 

For a sensory experience, Van der Pek street market is buzzing with colours, stalls and people. A futuristic sight will await you opposite Central Station – the Eye Filmmuseum is a cinema, museum, film archive, and modern icon, with an on-site restaurant. 

The options to stop and refuel are plenty and varied. Oedipus Brewing Tap Room has a long-standing reputation for house-brewed beers and The Beef Chief’s award-winning burgers. It is worth surrounding yourself with its vibrant terrace and colourful taproom for an evening of tastebud tempting delights. 

On the 19th floor of A’dam Lookout, you will find a completely different gastronomic experience. Moon restaurant will literally turn your head – it revolves so guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city centre, harbour, and horizon. Using local and seasonal produce mixed with exotic fare, Moon takes you on a culinary and literal adventure.

This unique area invites you to expect the unexpected!

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