Amsterdam Landmark Attractions

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Amsterdam Beach

Amsterdam has one of the most unspoilt coastlines in Northern Europe. Whether you are looking for relaxation, dune exploration, adventurous water sports, beach bars or impressive wildlife, it is a city that has everything.  Amsterdam Beach makes the perfect day trip for swimming or sunbathing, watching or walking. The seaside landscape even has towns and harbours, so there is something for every palate.

The Zaanse Schans

The open-air museum is accessible all year round with a collection of historic windmills. While the free outdoor park can be visited any time of the year, the majority of the windmills are open to the public from April to October. The unique village of windmills also has wooden houses and barns. It is 15 kilometres north of the centre of Amsterdam, and lets you experience Holland in the year 1850.

Oude Kerk

The church, built around the year 1200, is the oldest building in the capital and is known as ‘Amsterdam’s living room’ as it was a meeting place for all walks of life. Admire the 33 stained glass windows, which come alive on a sunny day, and marvel at the interior. In addition to the paintings and furniture, learn about the number of interesting graves which are a part of the building.

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