Getting To and Around Barbados

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Want to enjoy Barbados in a totally different way? Visitors can now travel from site to site on one of the island’s many buses. By the time you’ve reached your hotel or residence, you are guaranteed to have come across a bus, which still remains Barbados’ least expensive and convenient method to travel anywhere on the island.

These large buses which are owned by the government of Barbados are hard to miss, painted blue with striped, yellow sides, and they can be found zooming up every major route in both rural and urban Barbados, as regular as clockwork and covering almost every inch of the island.

With direct flights from the UK, US, Canada, and other Caribbean islands, Barbados is easily accessible by air as well as by sea.

As one of the world’s top holiday choices, Barbados is a very popular destination, particularly during the winter, due to its radiant Caribbean climate. Every year thousands of visitors board the plane to paradise; flights to Barbados are therefore both frequent and flexible.

Bridgetown is the stunning sea port capital city of the island and welcomes many luxury liners and cruise ships every year where thousands of passengers are decanted with a keen thirst for the full experience of Barbados.

Carnival is the world’s most popular cruise line, with 24 ships operating three to 18 day voyages all across the Bahamas and the Caribbean, allowing guests to roam the seas in the ultimate lap of luxury.

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