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Deane Anderton
By Deane Anderton  - Travel Guide Manager 2 Min Read


For Luxurious Private Tours and Charters…

Coastal View Charters

For an Unforgettable Wildlife Encounter…

Dolphin Discovery introduces you to the best friends you will find on St. Kitts, offering a range of activities and the experience of a lifetime with the island’s resident dolphins. The perfect combination between action and adventure, choose from the Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure, and Dolphin Encounter. 

For a taste of the island’s finest…

Kittitian RumMaster Program


For a welcoming stay on Frigate Bay…

Timothy Beach Resort

For a unique organic resort…

Embodying a proudly local philosophy, Belle Mont Farm at Kittitian Hill specialises in authentic West Indian culinary experiences with fresh produce gathered from around the island, either farm-to-table, or fresh-from-the-net. Choose from a range of accommodation on site for an unforgettable sojourn on the verdant slopes of Mount Liamuiga.


For a local favourite…

While in St. Kitts, be sure to try goat water – a rich meat stew swimming with local vegetables including yams, breadfruit, carrots, sweet potatoes and red beans. As a national dish, this is traditional Saturday lunch fare. 

For a seafood delicacy…

Conch fritters are a Caribbean classic and can be found in eateries across the island. Conch – a kind of mollusc – is abundant in the shores surrounding St. Kitts and is typically eaten either as a snack or a starter.

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