Castara In Focus

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By Travel Team 3 Min Read

A charming fishing village found on north-eastern Tobago’s leeward coast, Castara is known for its relaxed vibe and stunning beaches, and is a haven for swimming, snorkelling, fishing or simply taking a stroll.

It is primarily centred around the stunning Castara Bay – a 275-metre-long stretch of golden sand running parallel to emerald green waters and fringed by lush acres of rainforest teeming with birdlife. If you are looking to surf or jet ski, you won’t find these disruptions in peaceful Castara, so its gentle waters are a swimmer’s paradise.

Although the most developed tourist hub along this stretch of coastline, you can wipe away any associations of overcrowding and monstrous resort hotels, since its remote location has protected Castara from overdevelopment. The beach itself is served by a restaurant, bar and mini-mart, while the village hosts local businesses and several modest places to stay. 

Here, there is a fine balance between locals and tourists, and Castara is renowned for its hospitality. Every Thursday night, residents gather on the beach for a weekly bonfire where tourists are welcomed. 

Fishing is the staple activity in Castara – don’t miss the opportunity to join in with the pulling of traditional seine nets in the early morning, which are still widely used by the local Rasta fishermen. Be sure to visit the fisherman’s depot by the beach where you can support the fishermen themselves by purchasing homestyle fish broth straight from the source. Otherwise, a barbecued fish grill on the beach is a quintessential Castara experience. 

Nearby, in the tiny village, visit the Castara Heritage Bakers – an initiative run by local women – where you can choose from fresh bread, cakes and other goods made in a traditional clay oven.

Every August, the town comes alive with one of Tobago’s largest festivals – the Castara Fishermen’s Fete, where you can drink, dance, eat and swim the day away. If visiting Castara, consider combining your trip with a visit to the secluded shores of Englishman’s Bay nearby. 

The perfect view of this little parcel of perfection can be enjoyed from the lookout point at the top of the hill, where you can survey the village and crescent bay below. Believe us, it will be hard to tear yourself away. 

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