Getting To and Around Tobago

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

If arriving by plane, several international flight services connect to Tobago at the A.N.R Robinson International Airport in Crown Point, including both British Airways and Caribbean Airlines. Another primary method of reaching the island is to fly to Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport – which is better served by most major airlines – from where you can take a domestic shuttle service with Caribbean Airlines to connect to A.N.R Robinson International. 

Travelling by water is a scenic way to reach Tobago. A fast ferry service is available from Trinidad’s Port of Spain to arrive in Scarborough. Tickets can be purchased from the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Ferry Service website and the sailing duration is typically between two and a half to three hours. 

After setting foot on Tobago, thanks to the island’s compact size of approximately 300 square kilometres, everywhere on the island can be reached with no longer than an hour and a half drive. This means that hotel and airport pick-ups are typically included as part of your stay and all sites, amenities and attractions have relatively easy access.

If exploring the island independently, hired and local route taxis, maxi-taxis (minibus), car and bike rentals are all good options. If driving yourself, be prepared for poor road conditions in certain areas, and you will soon get accustomed to the fact that many locals use hand signals to indicate either turning or stopping. A public transportation bus service spans the entire island, just be aware of potential delays on Sundays. 

Anyone spending time on Tobago for more than a few days will quickly become familiar with the island’s winding roads, bays and bends, and it will soon start to feel like home.

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