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Little Water Cay



Whether it’s a Caicos Cays seafari on a jet ski, Emerald Reef snorkelling, or an excursion on land to Iguana Island, Caribbean Cruisin’ has all these adventures and many more. The trip to Iguana Island is a chance to see endangered rock iguanas in their natural habitat, which involves an informative tour with a National Trust guide. 

As a locally owned and operated boat charter company with a fleet of vessels, Caribbean Cruisin’ enables you to explore the serene and natural beauty of TCI. In an Island Discovery Tour, you will discover the historic Wade’s Green Plantation and the Kew Farm in North Caicos, both of which provide fascinating insight into the past.  

Crossing over to Middle Caicos, an extensive non-submerged cave system awaits. Its unique formations are something of a natural wonder, and as a bonus, a complementary treasure map leads you to a hidden trove and locally made crafts.  

Caribbean Cruisin’ offers visitors to TCI the chance to immerse themselves in the waters of this tropical paradise, guided by an experienced captain and crew. Explore the vibrant reefs, go free diving, or simply relax and soak up the sun. Caribbean Cruisin’ is committed to helping you have an unforgettable experience with choices of bottom fishing, catch and grill, snuba (a portmanteau of scuba diving and snorkelling), and private charters for a dream getaway with the entire boat to yourself and a tailored itinerary.  

Most excursions, whether by sea or land, include equipment, soft drinks, beer, and rum punch.   

Happy friends diving from sailing boat into the sea



The boutique Caribbean resort of Windsong on the Reef has a laid-back island luxury. Windsong’s beaches have the world’s third-largest coral reef system, offering a romantic dining experience at the water’s edge. Accommodation includes oceanfront, penthouses, and resort view suites, studios, and rooms.


Family-owned boutique accommodation, Pelican Beach Hotel on the island of North Caicos, is untouched by development and happily shares island culture and traditions with its visitors worldwide. To make your stay extraordinary, the Barracuda Beach Bar enables you to unwind in the shade with waves lapping at your sand-covered feet while sipping on an afternoon cocktail – its signature drink is inspired by the flavours of Bambarra rum. Appetisers of conch fritters and freshly cooked island cuisine accompany the scenery and libation. As a bonus, the friendly staff and locals who frequent the bar will tell you all about the history and culture of TCI. 

Leave the world behind while you enter the realm of relaxation in the CaicoSpa. Deep massages, facials, and body scrubs are available to help you unwind, along with manicures, pedicures, and waxing.. Packages such as the Pretty Pelican and Flamingo with a combination of treatments are offered. 

Six beachfront rooms and one beachfront apartment come with all the amenities, and the facilities include air conditioning and ceiling fans. As one of the first locally-owned hotels, the Pelican Beach Hotel was founded in 1984 by TCI natives and entrepreneurs Clifford and Susan Gardiner, offering exquisite views as the beach is just 10 steps away.  

The charming Pelican Beach Hotel is where legacy meets hospitality for a memorable stay on the quiet Whitby Beach in North Caicos. 


Modern design meets luxury at the Oasis at Grace Bay. The 25-studio boutique hotel in the idyllic Grace Bay Village is a slice of your very own private paradise in the central location of the north shore on the island of Providenciales.   

Suites and villas are also available, with seafood specialities and international flavours served in the Trattoria Isolana dining area. Get pampered in a canopy by the private beach or pool with various spa treatments. The hand-picked team of specialists and professional therapists will guide you on a path to health and wellness. Alternatively, you could dive into an adventure with snorkelling, golfing, and kite surfing.


Sul Mare Villas is an escape to the secluded beachfront of Sapodilla and Taylor Bay on the island of Providenciales. Each one-bedroom vacation rental is inspired by a dream-like Italian destination and is ideal for a romantic getaway. With names such as Sorrento, Sardinia, Bari, Capri, Positano, and Amalfi, the main amenities include an ice machine, air conditioning, breakfast bar, swimming pool, BBQ grill, and kitchen, making it a home-from-home.   

With stunning ocean views, the luxury villas are set in peaceful surroundings and feature contemporary décor across two levels of living space. The outdoor patio is only a few steps away from crisp, white sand, enabling you to experience a piece of la dolce vita in the heart of the Caribbean.


Designed with the intention of ensuring guests have the ultimate in comfort and total exclusion, Beach Enclave has accommodations on the island of Providenciales in Long Bay, Grace Bay, and North Shore. 

Dedicated to a curated escape experience, services include a private transfer to the villa, butler and concierge services, daily pool and beach set-up, and continental breakfasts. For a stay that is equally relaxing, luxurious, and exclusive, the team at Beach Enclave, which includes a private chef, endeavours to give you undivided attention in stunning villas and beach houses nestled within exclusive gardens.


Alexander Resort has deluxe oceanfront rooms, studios, and suites at Grace Bay Beach. It offers breathtaking vistas wrapped up in an all-inclusive experience, including access to its sister resort – Blue Haven. A scenic hideaway, Blue Haven perfectly combines spacious suites, a secluded beach area, and all-inclusive amenities.

Food and Gastronomy

Conch is so beloved throughout TCI, that the sea snail from the queen conch shell is even found on its national flag. Indeed, Providenciales is home to the world’s only conch farm. In fact, the ingredients here are so fresh that there are no fast food chains on the islands. TCI is one of the few countries that can boast this desirable fact.  

Cultural and geographical factors have influenced the everyday cuisine of TCI, and although the conch is omnipresent, either breaded in fritters or served raw in a salad, other seafoods such as grouper and snapper also feature on menus. Agriculturally speaking, modern hydroponics and the availability of freshwater produce papayas, bananas, herbs, plantains, okra, maize, and other vegetables. The current authentic local cuisine consists of pan-poached fish, peas, and rice, with a side of locally grown mixed greens. 

As expected for a small Caribbean nation, seafood has historically played a primary role in its gastronomic delights. However, at times, locals have had to get innovative. Drought-resistant maize was dried, ground into hominy or grits, and used instead of the rice or cereals common today. 

Although many desirable culinary experiences are scattered among the islands and cays, the WE Market Café and The Chef’s Table at the Kokomo Botanical Resort offer food connoisseurs a memorable dining experience. At the WE Market Café, award-winning chefs create gastronomic delights of aged prime AAA steak and fresh market seafood in a zen-like atmosphere blended with the spirit of an open-concept eatery. At the same time, The Chef’s Table has premium ingredients flown in for its world-class, exquisite dishes for the limited-edition dining courses served in an unmatched atmosphere. With small group sizes, each visit is an intimate celebration.   

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