Malawi : Landmark Attractions

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Liwonde National Park

Liwonde is perhaps the most popular of all of Malawi’s game parks, with its beautiful riverine setting and teeming wildlife offering thrilling safaris. Home to one of the largest international black rhino translocations in history back in 2019, where 17 black rhinos were relocated from South Africa to Liwonde, African Parks has also reestablished Liwonde’s predator population by bringing back cheetahs, lions, and wild dogs.

Nhkotakota Wildlife Reserve

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is tucked beneath the Chipata Mountain, where a vast network of rivers, all leading to Lake Malawi, fork and weave their way through tree-shrouded hills, nourishing the dense miombo forests. Over 2016 and 2017, in one of the largest wildlife restoration initiatives ever to take place, 500 elephants and 2,000 other animals were introduced to Nkhotakota, followed by a further 800 animals  including 15 hippos,  a first for any African park.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Over 3,000 animals of 17 species have been reintroduced to Majete over 20 years, black rhinos, lions, giraffes, and other animals such as hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards were introduced again in 2003 after poachers and human encroachment devasted the park’s wildlife previously. For predators, Majete is hard to beat across the African continent.

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