Solomon Islands Diving Spots In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Often said to be indescribable, the diving opportunities afforded by the Solomon Islands are endless as the underwater paradise spans five square kilometres (sqkm) of the Coral Triangle, catering to both diving experts and scuba diving beginners.   

To witness the majestic movement of sting rays amongst many other underwater residents, the Western Province has to be seen, with both diving and snorkelling opportunities available. The diving expeditions in Munda are particularly special for spotting hammerheads, eagle rays, dogtooth tuna, reef sharks, moray eels, and much more.  

Any budding divers cannot miss Gizo, in which manta rays can be witnessed amongst the wrecks in the months between November and April. At the top of the daring diving list is also Mary Island, known as Mborokua to the locals, in which adrenaline junkies can catch a glimpse of barracuda, sharks, and the unusual humphead parrotfish.  

However, as probably the most famous spot in all of the Solomon Islands, Russel Island offers the most out-of-this-world experience; as a long sapphire corridor cutting deep into the side of the cliff, the dive has a total depth of 12 metres (m), and upon reaching the surface, you’ll be at one with the swaying jungle.  

Finally, Florida Islands showcase the fantastic Twin Tunnels amongst many other spectacular dives. Originally named after two vertical lava tubes, the Twin Tunnels hold particular dominance in the local diving scene as experts and first-timers can travel down to the joining point of the two volcanoes on the side reef wall. Draped in blankets of coral, pygmy seahorses, hairy squat lobsters, cuttlefish, and even octopus are found wandering amongst the Twin Tunnels.

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