Getting To and Around The Solomon Islands

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Characterised by its blissful and far-removed location, the Solomon Islands may seem difficult to access. And yet, there are plenty of options for you to reach the islands. For example, the world’s best-kept secret is just a three-hour flight from Brisbane, Australia. Travellers can also catch flights from Nadi in Fiji, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, and Port Vila in Vanuatu.  

This is all thanks to Solomon Airlines, the islands’ national airline that provides weekly flights to each location on a regular basis. Once you touch down on Solomon soil, minibuses and taxi services are available from the airport just 12km outside Honiara, as well as car hire opportunities, making your journey as smooth as possible.  

As an emerging eco-tourism destination, unspoilt by commercial culture and modern infrastructure, the Solomon Islands offer an authentic and incredibly environmentally friendly mode of transport around the archipelago. As such, one of the most convenient ways to travel is by air, not to mention that this is best for the most stunning of views. Solomon Airlines is located in the capital and offers 20 domestic flights, but do be warned that the luggage allowance is only 16 kilogrammes (kg) – pack light!  

When travelling out and about on each island, public minibuses are readily available and incredibly affordable (an extra bonus). For a more private travel option, taxis are also a great way to see the islands. Additionally, the road network between Guadalcanal, Malaita, and Makira is easily driveable, with rental cars available for visitors who must drive on the left-hand side of the road.  

Finally, and most unsurprisingly, the abundant sea is a well-loved way to get around the archipelago. Although adventure-seekers may prefer to go by kayak, there are regular passenger boat services throughout the different regions. Another popular vessel is the outboard-powered dinghy, which offers a fun but private experience.

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