Fiji’s Surf Sports In Focus

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Surfing in Fiji is synonymous with world-class waves, capitalising on its South Pacific Ocean location as a swell magnet for surfers who seek epic tropical reef thrills. 

With Fiji’s welcoming warm waters, uncrowded surf breaks and selection of waves to suit all skill levels, many find it hard to say no to a surf trip in this idyllic location. Fiji’s famous waves have featured in many prestigious international sporting competitions and are a bucket list experience for the travelling surf enthusiast. 

Restaurants, Tavarua Rights, and the world-famous Cloudbreak, are just a few of the well-known surf breaks that await intrepid adrenaline seekers. While most of Fiji’s surf breaks are found on reefs, there are a few beaches and surf resorts on Viti Levu where you can learn basic skills or improve your technique. 

The most popular local spot is the Reef Lighthouse, situated just a short five-minute boat ride from Fiji’s capital, Suva, and best experienced at high tide. 

Natadola Beach and the Sigatoka sand dunes are two prime examples of beginner’s locations where you can easily learn to surf with one of Fiji’s expert surf tour operators, such as Fiji Surf Company, Matanivusi Eco Beach Resort and the Fiji Beachhouse on the famous Coral Coast. 

For those searching for Fiji’s secret or lesser-known breaks, head north to Qamea Island. These towering waves are generally at their best during the island’s stunning summer months from December to April.

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