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Set on a hill approximately 2,000 feet above the capital of Papeete, O Belvédère is the place both locals and tourists alike go for great food and stunning scenery. 

With thrilling views of the sea and the island of Moorea, this restaurant and bar has the feel of a treehouse, seeing as the outdoor terrace is built around a tree trunk, with a swimming pool on the hill below and occasional live music to add to the ethereal appeal. 

Discover mountain cuisine, Savoyard specialities, and a friendly atmosphere while overlooking the turquoise lagoon of Tahiti. 


The island of Tahiti has inspired a plethora of popular ideas in modern culture, one of which is the food truck. 

Dozens of years before food trucks became popular, Tahiti had roulottes, trucks that serve everything from traditional island cuisine to pizzas and Chinese food. These trucks aren’t just a trend here but a staple of everyday life, known for the fresh ingredients, large portions, and low prices. 

Found all around the island, these colourful trucks mostly congregate at Vaiete Square in Papeete and are absolutely worth multiple visits to get the opportunity to experience a litany of incredible dishes. 



Reserve a trip with Bora Bora: Eco Shark and Snorkelling Safari for a two-and-a-half-hour journey where you can explore the vibrant underwater life the island has to offer.  

Specifically, these waters are known for the stunning, yet shy, black-tip reef sharks who mill around the reefs like protective watchdogs, and families of sting rays who blanket the sandy floor and are unafraid to glide right beneath your feet. 

With extensive barrier reefs, nearly 700 species of tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and more, this experience allows you to marvel at an underwater world unique to any other. 


Whether it’s via an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or hiking, visiting the top of Belvedere Lookout is a must when traversing the island of Moorea. 

If you are feeling up for an adventurous nature trek that takes you through waterfalls and up winding trails, or alternatively if you’re more about the destination rather than the journey and would rather take a car, you will be rewarded with views of Cook’s Bay, Opunohu Bay, Mt. Rotui, and the fertile Opunohu Valley with its many pineapple plants, craggy peaks, and gentle slopes. 

This magical mountain is the perfect place for a bird’s-eye view of the island. 



In Tetiaroa, a quiet atoll, a renowned resort thrives in harmony with nature. 

The Brando, named after the late Marlon Brando and inspired by his vision to preserve sanctuaries and raise awareness of the environment, is a non-profit and luxury resort that is singularly focused on one mission: zero carbon. 

Recognised as a leader at the forefront of sustainable luxury travel and renewable resource innovation, The Brando has been carefully planned to tread lightly, with 35 private villas that rest on stilts and are gently nestled among the existing landscape, mindfully built into, not on top of, the fragile ecosystem. 


The Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea offers 91 units scattered throughout the garden, beach, and water. Most notable are the bungalows that are said to be built on a mythical location, such as the first hotel of the “Bali Hai Boys” who invented the water bungalow. 

Decorated in the most authentic Polynesian style, the hotel offers a wide range of accommodations, a world-class restaurant, a spa, and plenty of exciting activities. 

In addition to ensuring a memorable and relaxed trip, Manava Beach Resort has been working with the non-profit organisation, To’A Nui, to preserve the coral reef close to the hotel, thus being awarded the Silver Label by EarthCheck and the local ‘Bronze Turtle’ prize.   

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