Moorea Island in Focus

Lauren Kania
By Lauren Kania  - Junior Travel Editor 2 Min Read

Rising out of the sea like that of an ancient edifice with green spires so high they pierce the clouds, Moorea, an island next to Tahiti, will renew your belief in the magic of nature.

The island of Moorea has been a source of inspiration for an array of artists over the decades, with painters, carvers, jewellers, and tattoo artists taking their time to try and capture the island’s unparalleled tranquillity and find the inspiration that the incomparable landscape offers. 

With peaceful meadows, stunningly blue lagoons, pastel-painted homes, and gardens of tropical flowers, Moorea is known as one of the most memorable locations in French Polynesia, with a unique beauty you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Because of the quiet lagoon waters and the annual trade winds, there are many different activities that visitors can partake in, from kiteboarding and water skiing to hiking and horseback riding. However, many consider this island a haven for scuba diving and snorkelling, as the varied coral reef ecosystem boasts striking marine life and waters that encompass every shade of blue. 

On the mountainside, there are eight summits that feature a once-active volcanic crater that has now grown into an emerald-green valley, perfect for exploring and reconnecting with the simple pleasures of life. A joy for all the senses, you’ll relish the enchanted moment of strolling between gardens and white sand beaches, flower and pineapple plantations, and listening to the sounds of the ukulele being carried along the breeze. 

La vie heureuse, as they say in Tahiti, meaning the happy life, is a mindset that Moorea exudes for all those who visit this geographical marvel.   

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