Getting There and Around Palau

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read

Embarking on a journey to this hidden gem in the corner of the Pacific may require a bit of planning, as only a few airlines operate here each week. However, the memories you’ll make will be worthwhile. Upon arrival at the Palau International Airport, visitors are greeted by the warm tropical climate and the relaxed island ambiance, with its physical and environmental attributes preserved from years past.

Getting around Palau is made easy by its charming roads, including the picturesque Palau Compact Road that spans Babeldaob Island, running through forests and savannahs. In addition to the main highway, there are secondary roads that lead to hidden gems and exciting adventures off the beaten path. Navigating through Koror, the primary residential area, is easy to get around, and the friendly locals are always glad to assist with any directional inquiries.

While in Palau, seize the opportunity to experience the scenic wonders of Palau from above with Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA) or Smile Air. These inter-island operators provide aerial tours, offering the best views over the rock islands.

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