Palau : Landmark Attractions

Travel Team
By Travel Team 1 Min Read

Belau National Museum

The oldest museum in the Micronesian region features a fascinating exhibit of Palauan artwork, photography, sculptures, and storyboards that trace the country’s colonial history. Within the museum’s historic grounds, visitors can also marvel at a remarkable bai replica, a traditional men’s meeting house, adorned with intricate motifs, creating an immersive experience that spans both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

Palau’s UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of numerous large and small forested limestone islands, scattered within a marine lagoon protected by a barrier reef. Rock Islands Southern Lagoon is characterised by coral reefs and a diversity of other marine habitats, as well as 445 uplifted coralline limestone islands. This has created an extremely complex habitat, including the highest concentration of marine lakes in the world, where new species continue to be discovered.

Ngardmau Falls

Located on the edenic Palau Island of Babeldaob, the Ngardmau Falls flows from the area’s tallest mountain, Mount Ngerchelchuus, measuring 242m. As the tallest waterfall in the Micronesian region, only available on foot via a 20 to 30-minute hike, make sure to dust off your hiking boots – we promise the views are worth it. 

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