Getting To and Around Grenada

Travel Team
By Travel Team 2 Min Read

Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, approximately 160 kilometres (km) north of the coast of Venezuela, Grenada consists of three major islands: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. International flights arrive in Grenada, the largest of the three islands, just 8km outside the capital of St. George’s at Maurice Bishop International Airport. To reach the other islands from here, you can catch a ferry or a small plane 30km northeast to the island of Carriacoi and then take a public boat or water taxi an additional 5km east to the smallest island of Petite Martinique. 

Daily ferries are available to transport you from one island to the next, with travel from the island of Grenada to Carriacou taking approximately 90 minutes. Alternatively, small flights run consistently from island to island for a slightly quicker trip, allowing you to fly from the largest island to the smaller ones in only 15 minutes.  

There is a diverse array of options for travelling within the islands. Hiring a car will allow you the most flexibility; however, taking advantage of water taxis, ferries, biking, or even strapping on a pair of walking shoes and trekking from one destination to another will allow you an opportunity to explore the stunning landscape and scenery unique to this once actively volcanic land. 

Additionally, Grenada offers the “Discovery Train”, specifically built for tourists and taking you around St. George’s in 45 minutes, with stops at popular locations like Fort George and the Grenada National Museum.

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