Oceania is a paradise of turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and ancient wonders: perfect for anyone seeking tranquility or adventure. Dive into Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, or unwind on the pristine beaches of Fiji.

Explore more with our travel guides, highlighting essential views and to-do’s across the natural wonders of Oceania.

Brisbane Travel Guide

By Alfie Wilson Rachel Carr 24 Min Read

With its undeniable charm and relaxed outdoor lifestyle, Brisbane invites travellers to escape the ordinary and experience its spirited inner-city precincts, unique neighbourhoods, and stunning

Brisbane : Tourism Insights

By Travel Team 10 Min Read

Lorelle Chittick, General Manager of Tourism, Business, and Major Events at The Brisbane Economic Development Agency, provides insights on what makes Brisbane a jewel in

Brisbane Islands and Coastline in Focus

By Rachel Carr 2 Min Read

Embrace Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle and discover its beautiful beaches and secluded havens away from the city’s mainland. You can experience exciting island-hopping adventures by helicopter,

French Polynesia Travel Guide

By Deane Anderton Lauren Kania 14 Min Read

Follow in the footsteps of centuries worth of adventurers, artists, and those looking for serenity, and discover what French Polynesia has to offer.

Moorea Island in Focus

By Lauren Kania 2 Min Read

Rising out of the sea like that of an ancient edifice with green spires so high they pierce the clouds, Moorea, an island next to

Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

By Alfie Wilson Lucy Pilgrim 18 Min Read

Perched above Australia, you can find one of the planet’s least explored lands – the mysterious majesty of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Papua New Guinea : Tourism Insights

By Travel Team 8 Min Read

We learn more about the adventures that await in Papua New Guinea with Eric Mossan Uvovo, CEO of the PNGTPA.

The Morobe Show In Focus

By Travel Team 1 Min Read

If trekking with a guide is not your cup of tea, the Morobe Show lets you still experience some of the delights of the colourful


Western Australia Travel Guide

Whether coastal, urban or outback, the landscapes of Western Australia are like walking on a dream. Through cultural immersion and nature-based tourism, prepare to embark on an otherworldly adventure.

By Deane Anderton Phoebe Harper 23 Min Read

Pitcairn Island : The Last Stop

An outpost in the South Pacific, Pitcairn Island is the only inhabited land mass of the world’s most remote group of islands.

By Travel Team 2 Min Read

South Australia Travel Guide

Where the outback meets the ocean, South Australia is a beacon for sustainable travel. Offering wildlife, wine, and world-class beaches, we uncover a slice of authentic Australia.

By Phoebe Harper Travel Team 23 Min Read

Papua New Guinea Travel Guide 2019

With its sublime landscapes, intriguing indigenous cultures and off-the-beaten track feel, Papua New Guinea truly is a destination for intrepid adventurers.

By Travel Team 13 Min Read

Guam Travel Guide

With its fantastic food culture and untouched beaches, the small island of Guam is one to add to the bucket list.

By Travel Team 6 Min Read

Solomon Islands Travel Guide 2019

The Solomon Islands, an untrodden archipelago in the South Pacific, is the place to go for diving, trekking, and relaxing on footprint-free beaches.

By Travel Team Jordan Levey 18 Min Read

The Megaprojects Keeping APAC Moving

To plug transport infrastructure needs, we look at two megaprojects that will boost connectivity in Indonesia and China.

By Travel Team 6 Min Read

Northern Mariana Islands Travel Guide

A small group of islands sat thousands of miles away from its administrative home in the US, the Northern Mariana Islands offer a warm-weather escape with plenty of nature and history to explore.

By Travel Team 14 Min Read

South Pacific Travel Guide

Embodying unmatched natural beauty, shape and form, it’s no wonder that the South Pacific is readily referred to as paradisal.

By Travel Team 15 Min Read

Palau Travel Guide 2019

Formed of around 340 coral and volcanic islands, Palau is known as the diver’s paradise with its abundance of underwater gems and relics.

By Travel Team Jordan Levey 13 Min Read